In the interview, Skylark Chemical’s sales manager said, “Starting from September 2020, Skylark Chemical has listed the emerging industry of pet washing and care products as one of the company's future business strategy.”

BOURENA”, an self-innovative pet washing & care brand that aims to create a truly “pet-centric” product, has launched in the Chinese market in March 2021. Two zoologists and two experts from different professional fields in China participated in R & D.

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Through the 4 months of market testing, the "pet-centric" product with plant extraction, low stimulation, and cost-effective philosophy has received praise feedback from more than 90% users. Users' misperception that the previously use of strong flavor pet washing products has been corrected, because the chemical essence will seriously stimulate the smell of cats and dogs. It is an irreversible damage, since pets use smell as food judgment and feel the change of the external environment.

BOURENA's excellent and professional pet washing and care products adopt biological enzyme preparation extracted from natural plants and fragrance to fundamentally decompose and eliminate the peculiar smell of pet body, so as to protect the pet's sense of smell and satisfy the needs of pet lovers.

In the Skylark Chemical's philosophy - “Pets and people should be treated equally.” We firmly believe that the "pet-centric" product will gradually increase the acceptance in the future. We also hope to be able to adopt a variety of commercial cooperation to convey this philosophy to more business partners and pet lovers around the world.

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Post time: Aug-15-2021