Who We Are?

Skylark Chemical established in 2000 and located in Szechuan, China. The company has two factories in Guanghan and Zigong with a total area of ​​28,000m². The business covers sales and R&D of Clothes Cleaning, Household Cleaning, etc, OEM&ODM and PE&PET bottle production.

By the first quarter of 2021, the annual sales of Skylark Chemical have reached 72-million-yuan ($11.13 million) and the total plant area has reached 28,000m²  with ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification. At present, Skylark Chemical has become a well-known brand in the fabric washing industry. As a well-known brand in the region, the home washing brand entered the southwest region and entered nearly 2500 supermarkets. In 2021, pet cleaning care and kitchenware cleaning brands will begin to have brand effects in Szechuan.

Why Choose Us?

After 21 years of continuous development and accumulation, we have formed a mature R&D, production, transportation and after-sales service system, which can provide customers with efficient business solutions in a timely manner to satisfy the needs of customers and provides better after-sales service. Industry-leading production equipment, professional and experienced engineers, excellent and well-trained sales team, rigorous production process, and the complementation of PET&PE bottle blow molding workshop in the production chain enable us to provide competitive prices and high-quality products to open up the global market. Skylark Chemical pays attention to quality craftsmanship, cost performance and customer satisfaction, and aims to continuously provide customers with the best products and win a good reputation.

We serve every customer wholeheartedly with the philosophy of quality first and service supreme. Solving problems in a timely manner is our constant goal. Skylark Chemical with full of confidence and sincerity will always be your trustworthy and enthusiastic partner.

Market Experience
R & D Partners

Production Ability

Liquid Power Mixer 5T*4
Liquid Power Mixer 2T*2

EDI ultra-high pure water reverse osmosis equipment *1

Stainless steel liquid storage tank 20T*10

Automatic liquid filling line*4
Semi-automatic liquid filling line*2

PC/PET/PE/PA/PP Semi-closed plastic bottle blowing machine*2

PC/PET/PE/PA/PP Fully enclosed plastic bottle blowing machine*7

Horizontal direct pressure injection molding machine*9

PP/PE Hollow blow molding machine*4

Quality Control


Raw Material

Each batch of main raw materials comes from the partners of Skylark Chemical for more than 5 years to ensure the reliability of the products from the source. Each batch of raw materials will undergo component inspection before production to ensure that the finished product is qualified.



The production workshop will make arrangements after the inspection of raw materials is in place. At least two engineers cross-check the mixing tank, water treatment equipment and filling production line before production.



The factory area has passed ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification. Before entering the workshop, all employees will wear masks and go through the disinfection process.


Finished Product

After each batch of products is produced in the filling workshop, two quality inspectors will conduct random inspections on each batch of finished products in accordance with the requirements of the standard and leave quality samples to be sent to customers.


Final Inspection

The QC department will inspect each batch of products before shipment. Inspection procedures include product surface activity, no bacteria test, chemical composition analysis, etc. All these test results will be analyzed and approved by the engineer, and then sent to the customer.