Modern life is increasingly inseparable from home appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines, which bring various conveniences. In fact, household appliances need to be cleaned after use, and many people do not realize the importance of cleaning. If the washing machine has been used for a long time, the washed clothes will cause itchy skin. Some people think that the clothes are not dry, but it is actually the washing machine that needs to be cleaned.




Many people may question that the washing machine also needs to be cleaned? That's because you have no idea how dirty your washing machine is. The Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention once conducted a survey on 128 washing machines. The data showed that the detection rate of mold in the washing machine tank was 60.2%, the detection rate of bacteria was 81.3%, and the detection rate of total coliform bacteria even reached 100%. These above data are enough to prove that the washing machine used for a long time will be very dirty.

How to judge if the washing machine is dirty? If you have the following conditions, it means that your washing machine needs to be cleaned.
- When put on the washed clothes, the skin feels itchy, and even rashes may appear. Sensitive skin may feel more noticeably.
- There will be black or white residue on the clothes after washing.
- Check whether there is any cotton-like substance in the washed clothes.
- Smell the washed clothes to judge whether there is a musty smell.


How to clean the washing machine?
There are many washing machine cleaners today. The general cleaning frequency is once every three months to half a year. First remove the filter tank and clean it. Then add water to the highest water level with a temperature about 30 degrees. Pour in washing machine detergent. Then turn on the washing mode of the washing machine. Finally, cut off the power of the washing machine and let the washing machine soak for 2-4 hours, then drain the dirty water.

Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets can remove stains and limescale in the washing machine. The biological enzymes and active oxygen formula contained in the tablet are not only not harmful substances, but also can deeply clean the stubborn stains and scale in the washing machine for many years. The tablet containing such ingredients has three times the cleaning and decontamination ability of ordinary detergents.

Tips that need attention in the daily use of washing machines
- The filter of the washing machine should be removed to keep it dry when not in use, as the humid environment will breed bacteria.
- Do not pile heavy objects on the cover of the washing machine. Plastic parts such as the cover are easily deformed by pressure.
- It is best not to disassemble the drain outlet without permission, because there will be a small amount of water accumulation in the drain outlet, and a lot of clothing fiber impurities as well. Improperly installed sewers can lead to backflow, and clean clothes are rewashed in dirty water.



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Post time: Jan-09-2023