Glass cleaner is a powerful and non-damaging detergent for glass. Its working principle is to dissolve the stains attached to the glass surface during cleaning and take away the stains, so that the glass surface can be thoroughly cleaned to achieve the best visual effect.

It is a special cleaning agent whose main components are active agents, surfactants, bacteriostatic agents, salts, and anti-mildew agents. The active agent dissolves and removes the stain. Surfactants can play a very strong penetrating. It can be closely combined with stains, destroying the firm molecular structure of stains, making stains more easily dissolved by active agents. Bacteriostatic agents kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria on glass surfaces. Salts prevent the deposition of staining organics, reduce moisture deposition on the glass surface, and prevent water droplets from forming on the glass surface. Anti-mildew agents can effectively prevent the growth of mold on the glass.


Glass cleaner is very easy to use. First, apply or spray an appropriate amount of glass cleaner on the glass surface. Secondly, wipe the glass with a rag or towel to fully dissolve and remove the stains. Finally, use a clean rag or towel to dry the glass surface and wipe it clean.

Glass cleaner has many advantages. Firstly, it can thoroughly clean the glass surface. Not only does it remove basic stains such as dirt, oil, fingerprints, and more, but it also removes organic residue. Moreover, it has good antibacterial properties, which can kill bacteria on most glass surfaces and prevent stains from recontaminating when cleaning the surface.It also has some durability, which maintains its high cleaning power even after prolonged exposure to the sun.

To sum up, the glass cleaner has a good cleaning effect. Regular use of glass cleaner will help to thoroughly clean and brightener the glass surface, and help maintain its service life.




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Post time: Mar-02-2023