1. What are the main points of daily disinfection at home?

It is preferred to use physical disinfection methods for disinfecting home firstly, such as sun exposure and heat. When sterilizing tableware, parcel, door handles, etc., the disinfectant should be applied according to the instructions, with appropriate concentrations and disinfection methods. The preparation of disinfectants requires wearing masks, gloves, and performing in a well-ventilated environment. The prepared disinfectant should be used as soon as possible. 


2. How to disinfect household items?


Commonly used small items such as mobile phones, remote controls, mice, door handles, faucets, various buttons, etc. can be wiped and disinfected with 70%-80% alcohol cotton balls or disinfectant wipes. Larger objects such as desktops and floors can be disinfected by spraying, wiping or mopping with chlorine-containing disinfectant. Clothing, bedding and other fabrics can be exposed to the sun for 4-6 hours, or washed with a disinfection functional laundry detergent. Basins and toilets can be regularly disinfected with disinfectant as well.

3. How to disinfect tableware?

It can be sterilized by boiling for 15-30 minutes, or sterilized by circulating steam for 30 minutes, or you can use the tableware sterilizer to operate according to the instruction manual. It can also be soaked in disinfectant for 30 minutes, and then washed with water.

4. How to disinfect fruits and vegetables?

Vegetables that are not easy to dehydrate and deteriorate (potatoes, radishes, onions, etc.) can be placed on the balcony for a period of time, or soaking vegetables and fruits in diluted disinfectant for 5-10 minutes, and then rinsed with water.


5. How to use alcohol-based disinfectants (such as 75% alcohol, alcohol-based hand sanitizer)?

(1) Hand disinfection: evenly spray or squeeze and rub hands 1-2 times.

(2) Skin disinfection: rub the skin surface 1-2 times.

(3) Surface disinfection of small items (such as mobile phones, keys, door cards, etc.): wipe the surface of the object 1-2 times.

Caution: Use with caution if you are allergic to alcohol. Do not spray on a large area to prevent accidents such as burning. It should be stored in a cool and dry place.

6. How to use chlorine-containing disinfectant?

(1) Wear a mask, gloves, and a waterproof apron, and choose a well-ventilated environment.

(2) Prepare the appropriate concentration according to the product instructions.

(3) Wipe the surface of objects such as tables and chairs, and spray and mop the ground.

(4) If necessary, wipe with a clean cloth to remove the residue of disinfectant.

Disinfectants need to have a certain action time to be effective. Please follow the product instructions carefully for the specific action time. Disinfectant cannot be mixed with other cleaning agents, otherwise chlorine gas will be produced to endanger health.



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