Different composition
The smooth liquid is made of pure oily substances, which is safe and not afraid of pets licking. Except for coconut oil essence, laurel essential oil, lavender essential oil and dimethicone, it does not contain other harmful ingredients such as fragrance, alcohol, preservatives, etc. In addition to oil-soluble substances, the conditioner is composed of water-soluble components and emulsifiers, so as to perform functions such as hair repair and nutritional supplementation.

Different effect
The smooth liquid has a daily protection effect on the pet hair, and can be used at any time in daily life. It is especially recommended to massage the hair and skin with two pumps after washing and care, and then comb the hair thoroughly without rinsing again. It is very useful for dry and knotted hair. The conditioner is usually used to repair the cuticles of the hair, which can replenish nutrients to the hair, prevent hair breakage, enhance hair hydration, elasticity and shine, and needs to be rinsed after use.


Different usage
The smooth liquid does not need to be rinsed off after use, while the hair conditioner needs to be washed again after application. How to use hair care gel? Put an appropriate amount of smooth liquid into the palm of your hand and rub it to generate heat, then apply it evenly on pet hair. Then massage it into the coat to expand the pores of the hair follicles and fully absorb the nutrients provided by the smooth liquid.

Different function
The function of the conditioner is to close the cuticle scales of the hair, making the hair smooth that easy to comb, healthy and supple. The smooth liquid is directly applied to the surface of the hair to moisturize and prevent it from drying out and knotting.


Bourena Pet Coat Smooth Liquid

Its formula of nutrient-rich ingredients deeply nourishes and restores healthy and natural hair. Strong moisturizing properties can prevent hair breakage, replenish hair moisture, enhance elasticity and gloss. It can immediately smooth dry and frizzy hair after use, allowing hair to fully stand up from the root.

Bourena Classic Pet Conditioner For Dog/Cat

It protects pet hair after bathing and drying, and repairs rough post-bath cuticles for a smooth, silky texture and shiny shine. It can reduces static and frizz on pet hair, repairs dull, dry coat and adds volume. Long-lasting fragrance, designed with non-toxic and eco-friendly formula.



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