With June 2022 approaching, it also means that half of 2022 is over. Since the start of the globalization process of Lark Chemical in October 2021, in the past 9 months, the company team has entered a mature stage in terms of cooperation fit, product technology improvement, and market research. The company's sales target area has also changed from a single domestic market to a global multi-regional market development, covering Malaysia, Thailand, Oman, Canada and other regions. At the same time, in mid-2022, the company has also continued to deepen the promotion of various channels. Skylark Chemical actively cooperate with the offline market layout of global distributors, and expand its local influence with two lines. 





B-end channel

In the process of globalization, Skylark Chemical is currently cooperating with Global Search (the only Google partner in China) and Goselling International (a subsidiary of JD.COM). Strong partners and sophisticated channelization are both indispensable links in the company's globalization process. With the long-term precipitation of website content and the sincere cooperation of distributors in various countries, a successful plan to empower distributors during the epidemic has been formed.

C-end channel

Following the commercial layout of distributors in various countries, Skylark Chemical actively conducts marketing and promotion on JD.COM and other discovered C-end platform, such as Amazon, lazada, joybuy, Walmart, etc. At the same time, social media channels such as Facebook and Tiktok are used to accumulate content, develop innovative patterns, videos, etc. Further improve brand influence, adapt to emerging market trends, and make the distributor's offline marketing more smoothly..


Skylark Chemical are still actively seeking distributors and wholesale partners around the world. We are looking forward to cooperating with them, and are willing to grow together with partners in the local market. Meanwhile, Skylark Chemical also look forward to leading a professional team to visit our partners after the epidemic is over.



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Post time: Jun-14-2022