When choosing laundry supplies, many people give priority to buying laundry detergent or laundry detergent powder, both of which are relatively cheap but have certain disadvantages. And many people feel that washing gel beads are more expensive, so they will not give priority to them. In fact, Laundry detergent pods are still being used by some people, especially young people. Since Laundry detergent pods are so expensive, why would anyone like it?


What are the advantages of Laundry detergent pods?

1. Less residue
In the process of using laundry detergent, if the amount of detergent is not well controlled there will be a lot of residue, while laundry detergent in the process of use, because the internal addition of many friction particles, will not quickly dissolve in the water. Laundry detergent pods in the use of the process, if you do not grasp the amount, or not clean the residue of the laundry detergent, clothes will appear after drying a circle of yellow water marks. laundry detergent pods in the use of excessive residue, cleaning is more convenient, and no pungent smell.

2. the amount of saving

Many people in the cleaning of clothes, if the use of washing powder or laundry detergent, simply do not know how much they should put at a time. Especially many young people, when they first started to use it will cause too much waste. But Laundry detergent pods in the design of the time, has helped you control the amount, how many clothes with how many Laundry detergent pods, so now there are many people still like to use Laundry detergent pods.


3. More efficacy

Laundry detergent and laundry detergent in the use of the time, in addition to the simple cleaning function, there is no other efficacy, sometimes accidentally use too much laundry detergent, but also let the clothes material damage, become dry and hard. The Laundry detergent pods contain softening and aromatic ingredients, and the Laundry detergent pods can be used to clean your clothes without the need for other laundry products. Laundry detergent pods not only soft and comfortable after cleaning clothes, but also emits a light fragrance.

4. strong cleaning power

Although laundry detergent is cheap and has a strong cleaning power, it is still more suitable for hand washing compared to machine washing. Although the laundry detergent is suitable for machine washing, but the cleaning effect of laundry detergent compared to washing powder and Laundry detergent pods will be slightly weaker. laundry detergent pods although expensive, but the cleaning effect of Laundry detergent pods is the strongest, using Laundry detergent pods, one will be able to clean 10 pieces of clothing.


5. Portable

When traveling or business trip, if you need to bring a change of clothes, carry laundry detergent or laundry detergent are not convenient, bring too much, but also occupy space. But if you bring Laundry detergent pods can be much more convenient, do not need to bring too much, bring a few in the suitcase, does not take up space.



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Post time: Jan-04-2023