China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is a comprehensive international energy company which mainly operates oil and gas business, engineering and technical services, petroleum engineering construction, petroleum equipment manufacturing, financial services, and new energy development,etc. According to the 2020 “Fortune” global 500, CNPC ranks 4th with $379,130.2 million operating income and 1,344,410 employees.

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CNPC invited bids for nearly 600 gas stations in Sichuan for automobile cleaning glass water labeling processing in November, 2016. Skylark Chemical's factory in Zigong is one of the only 3 factories in Sichuan with blow molding food-grade bottle workshop and automatic filling line workshop, which undoubtedly gives Skylark Chemical a huge advantage in the bidding competition. After passing the initial quotation screening, Skylark Chemical was successfully awarded the order in March, 2017 after qualifying the strict environmental inspection and production environment requirements by the CNPC’s technical department.

Skylark Chemical completed this order with “no delay” delivery and 100% product standard in the following one-year cooperation period, and the excellent results also enhanced the trust of our customers. In March, 2018, Skylark Chemical officially established a long-term cooperative relationship with CNPC.

Since 2016, OEM&ODM business as one of the main business of Skylark Chemical has accumulated a rich experience for service process, technical guidance, transportation plan, etc. As the target for Skylark Chemical's global business in 2021, our vision is to help more customers around the world succeed no matter how big or small.



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