Turtle & Panda · Pet Chain was founded in Chengdu, Szechuan, China in 2015. It is a pet chain brand of Chengdu Playwater Technology Co., Ltd. Turtle & Panda · Pet Chain is the world's first pet entertainment shopping park, which is focusing on the integration of shopping and entertainment, integration of online and offline shopping, pre-sale and post-sale integration of new pet retail services.



In 2018, the stores gradually expanded from Chengdu to Chongqing, Hangzhou and other 7 cities, breaking the bottleneck of cross-regional development of pet chain. After 5 financing rounds from Seed round to B round, Turtle & Panda · Pet Chain has obtained a total of nearly 150 million RMB of financing from Hillhouse Capital, Suning Shi’an Capital and other institutions. Up to now, there are more than 20 large-scale directly operated stores and more than 60 franchised stores, with an annual turnover of over 100 million RMB. It gradually growing into the leading enterprise of new pet retail in China.

In March 2021, Skylark Chemical’s own brand “MOEJO” entered the Turtle & Panda · Pet Chain. 3 months after “MOEJO” was sold in 7 stores in Chengdu, according to incomplete statistics of the store staff, the repurchase rate of “MOEJO” Bio-Enzyme Deodorizer Spray For Pet Living Environment has reached 86.8%, which is higher than the company's average 80% repurchase rate, with 95% favorable rating rate.

In addition, many customers have complained about the odor around the store environment, as the stores sell live animals such as cats and dogs. After receiving this issue, Skylark Chemical set up a team to tackle this problem and developed a concentrated pet environmental deodorant for different bacteria in the urine and feces of cats and dogs. It adopted biological enzyme technology to sterilize and deodorize, so as to reduce the olfactory stimulation to pets and customers in the store.


Skylark Chemical’s pet cleaning & care products always keep the philosophy of "pet-centric" to research and development. We firmly believe that only safe, healthy and environmentally-friendly products can acquire the favor of consumers in the market.



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Post time: Oct-03-2021