Customer Service


Pre-Sale Service

1. The professional sales team provides services for customized customers, and provides you with any consultation, questions, plans and requirements 24 hours a day.
2. Assist purchasers in market analysis, find demand, and accurately locate market targets.
3. Professional R&D talents cooperate with different institutions to research customized formulas.
4. Adjust specific customized production requirements to perfectly meet customer needs.
5. Free samples.
6. The factory can be inspected online.


Sale Service

1. It meets customer requirements and reaches international standards after a variety of tests such as stability test.
2. Purchasing with raw material suppliers who have cooperated for more than 5 years with Skylark Chemical.
3. Eight quality inspectors originally cross-checked, strictly control the production process, and eliminate defective products from the source.
4. Perfect products philosophy, environmental protection, no phosphorus, high concentration.
5. Tested by CMA, SGS or a third party designated by the customer.


After-Sales Service

1. Provide documents, including analysis/qualification certificate, insurance, country of origin, etc.
2. Send real-time transportation time and process to customers.
3. Ensure that the qualified rate of products meets customer requirements.
4. Regular telephone return visits to customers every month to provide solutions.
5. Support on-site service more than once a year to understand the needs of customers in the local market.