2023 China Laundry Exhibition was successfully held on 25-27 September in Shanghai New International Expo Center, as Asia's premier business and communication platform is also the domestic and foreign laundry industry people in the three-year epidemic after the industry exchange event.

All the participants eager to face-to-face exchanges, strengthen business cooperation and seek new business growth points. The total number of 337 exhibitors from 15 countries and regions and 27,247 buyers from 70 countries and regions to participate in the event (of which 2,861 overseas buyers, accounting for 10.5%), the number of exhibitors and buyers hit a record high. Both domestic and foreign exhibitors and visitors fully confirmed and highly praised the success of China Laundry Expo, and the organizer also pointed out that the number of participants exceeded expectations and the recovery effect of the industry was remarkable.

On this occasion, we took this platform to introduce and recommend our main products and newly launched environmentally friendly and high-quality commercial laundry products: Down Brushless Detergent Powder, Rust Remover, Cold Water Detergent and so on. At the same time, it also showed the strength of the company's development and product research to the peers. During the exhibition, Skylark Cleaning Chem. received more than 1,000 customers, in addition to domestic customers, but also Russia, France, Vietnam and other 7 overseas purchasing team visits, the accompanying samples were requested most of the exhibition. Especially Brushless Down Powder is favored and appreciated by foreign and domestic customers, and such products are more promising, environmentally friendly, market potential characteristics, the company's R & D and production of such products has been exceptional and well accepted by the market.


Also, Mr. Wu was interviewed by CCTV expressed the current era of mixed enterprises background, to the industry and product development has come to a lot of innovative opportunities, but also brought a lot of competition and disadvantage of hidden problems, technology and product protection will become increasingly important. Skylark Cleaning Chem. will actively contribute to the development of the industry in the current era, and said that we will maintain a long-term relationship of cooperation with all partners, and strive to work together to cross the industry's development path!





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Post time: Oct-11-2023