It is easy to form a ring of rust stains on the tile floor If the floor has water stains and places with a metal basin. Iron oxide is the main component of rust. The main reason for the formation of rust is that iron metal reacts with moisture and oxygen in the environment in the presence of impurity carbon, and iron metal will become rust stains. At home, rust stains will generally appear on the bathroom, kitchen, balcony, ceramic tile or other metal utensil surfaces.


The metal rust on marble floor tiles cannot be effectively removed by using general cleaners, hence it is necessary to use a professional rust stain removers to remove them completely and quickly. In addition to rust, stubborn limescale on tiles is also difficult to remove. The rust remover can not only remove metal rust, but also remove stubborn scale, and even remove some stains that seep into the floor.



Because it adopts concentrated solution, the reaction time is shorter. The remover is able to break down rust stains quickly without waiting for a long time, which can easily removes rust and limescale. It can also prevent the floor from turning yellow again. The rust remover does not damage the surface material, and without any side effects.


Application Scenes: quartz, granite, tiles, kitchen utensils and other surfaces in kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Usage Direction

1. Spray directly on surface to be treated.
2. Let it stand & work until the stain is cleaned.
3. Rinsing area with fresh water.
Deep and stubborn stains may require a second application and light scrubbing with a brush or cloth.



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Post time: Sep-13-2022