In our daily life, we often use solar energy. Especially in the village area, basically every house has solar panels. As we know, solar panels are often installed outdoors and receive sunlight, dust and impurities for a long time. After a period of time, they will accumulate dust. This can seriously affect the photovoltaic power generation capacity of solar panels, and also damage the solar panels. In order to ensure sufficient power generation, it is necessary to use a special cleaner for solar panels.


There are many types of solar panel cleaners, such as organic acids, inorganic acids and phosphate cleaners. However, from the perspective of safety and protecting the tempered glass on the solar surface from damage, the priority is to choose relatively moderate acidic food acids, such as white vinegar and citric acid, followed by hydrochloric acid with corrosion inhibitors.

Solar panel cleaner is divided into two categories, one is solid and one is liquid. As the state is different, the cleaning process also differs. Liquid solar panel cleaners are easy to use as they only need to be diluted with water in proportion. Liquid solar panel cleaner only needs to be diluted with water for easy use, while solids need to be dissolved with water before use, and the ratio of water to solid portion is about 5 times.


Skylark Cleaning Chem. has developed a special cleaner for solar panels to meet the needs of users. It can clean the dirt on the surface of solar panels quickly and thoroughly, and it is made of moderately acidic raw materials, which does not damage the tempered glass on the surface of solar panels and can be used directly after cleaning. 

Product Features:

                                                                            ● Maintains Solar Panel Peak Efficiency
                                                                            ● Non Streak & Non Residue & Super Concentrated Formula
                                                                            ● Special Active Ingredients Reduces Surface Attraction
                                                                            ● Helps Keep Dirt & Dust Off the Solar Panel
                                                                            ● Keeps Solar Panels Cleaner Longer
                                                                            ● Forms A Protective Film To Prevent Dirt & Dust

Use Suggestion:

Dilute the solar panel cleaner with water at a ratio of 1 : 200, put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the surface of the solar panel. Let it stand for 5-10 minutes, then use a brush to brush the surface of solar panel. Make the surface stain visible to the naked eye after dissolving, rinse with water, and then wipe dry.



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Post time: Nov-22-2022