At present, Skylark Chemical, have cooperated with 10 centralized commercial laundry factories in China with an investment of more than 6 million US dollars and hundreds centralized commercial laundry with an investment of 300,000-1.8 million US dollars.

Nowadays, the centralized commercial laundry factory has been widely capitalized in China, and 90% of the hotel linen has been handed over to the centralized commercial laundry factory for washing.


In addition, the centralized commercial laundry factories need a very professional and mature team to provide laundry product solutions to cooperate with. As one of the top three brands of laundry product in China, the following is the recommended way to use the products of Skylark Chemical. Products are able to effectively solve the environmental contamination and high cost. The towels, bed sheets do not gray dark, yellow, and good brightness and whiteness after the standard method.




For Commercial Laundry factory series

1. Hot water washing method for towels
100kg washing machine, low water level 16 points, temperature: 50-70℃.
First wash with color bleaching powder, and then add general-purpose laundry detergent or concentrated powder, washing emulsifier(12-15 minutes), rinsing 2 times, the last time to add neutralizing acid, softener.

1. 600g of washing powder;
2. 200g of emulsifier;
3. 300g of color bleaching powder;
4. 100g of neutralizing acid.


Color Bleaching Powder

Powder Laundry Detergent


2. Cold water washing method for towels

100kg washing machine, low water level 18 points, cold water washing powder, cold water bead washing liquid, washing 25 minutes, rinsing washing 2 times, the last time with rust removing and whitening acid(neutralizing and whitening acid is fabric softener, whitening agent, neutralizing acid, three kinds of all in one).

1. laundry detergent 800 grams;
2. emulsifier 400 grams;
3. 200 grams of cold water detergent;
4. 100 grams of super whitening acid agent; neutralization liquid, fabric brightening powder 100 grams.


Q5 - Rust Remover

Special Neutralizing Acid Powder


3. Hot water washing method for tablecloths

100kg water washing machine, low water level 16 points, temperature:70℃, first wash with powerful washing powder and emulsifier for 5 minutes, then add chlorine bleaching powder for 25 minutes, rinse 2 times, last time with dechlorinator. (Note: Use color bleaching powder for colorful tablecloths)

1. 1000-1500g of strong washing powder:
2. 600g of emulsifier;
3. 700g of chlorine bleaching powder;
4. 200g of fabric brightener and neutralizing acid and 100g of fabric brightening powder.


Chlorine Bleaching Powder

Emulsion Powder


4. Cold water washing for tablecloths

100kg washing machine, low water level 18 points, with powerful washing powder, rinsing water, emulsifying system washing for 50 minutes, and rinsing 2 times lastly.

1. 15kg of strong washing powder;
2. 600g of emulsifier;
3. chlorine bleach 2.5-4kg;
4. 200g each of fabric brightening powder and neutralizing acid.


Fabric Softener

Powerful Washing Powder




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